Experience Pasadena for the first time or the 100th with Pasadena’s premiere tour company.  See grand estates, movie locations, and cultural landmarks that comprise this exciting historical city.  Discover its significant architecture - bungalows, revivals, and mid-century moderns - and learn about the innovative architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene & Greene.  Hear the stories of those who called the area home - the Huntingtons, Gambles, Wrigleys, Albert Einstein, Julia Child, Jackie Robinson, and George S. Patton, to name a few.

“Kristin Stone, at the helm of The Pasadena Tour Company, brings a winning combination to the tour experience - knowledgeable, entertaining and genuine enthusiasm.  You’ll want to take all her tours!”

                                                    - Ted Bosley, Director - The Gamble House

“Kristin Stone and The Pasadena Tour Company are the best in the business!”

                           - Charlie Crumply, Editor - Los Angeles Business Journal

“Kristin Stone uses her unique understanding of Pasadena history and her knowledge of architecture and the personalities that built our city to provide an experience that is detailed, enlightening, informative and fun.”

      - Paul Little, President & CEO - Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

“We are very excited about the Pasadena Tour Company.  Our visitors are continually asking for a guided tour of our historic and dynamic city.  With such demand, the tour is guaranteed to be wildly popular.  The Pasadena Tour Company is definitely a welcome addition to our community!”

                 - Michael Ross, CEO - Pasadena Center Operating Company

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